Fresh, Local, Delicious

To Start

Seafood Tapas

Wood Fired Oven

Whole baked fish, garlic, ginger, fired tomatoes                              £POA

Wood fired shellfish to share – mussels, tiger prawns,

crab claws, langoustines, garlic, lemon,

white fish, artisan bread                                                                    £39

Cornish sardines, parsley, garlic                                                       £7/£12

Margherita pizza                                                                                £8 ½

Toppings: anchovies, capers, cheese, mushroom, pineapple,

Red onion rocket, olives, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños,

Fresh chilli, shredded ham, chorizo, salami                                    £1 each

Crayfish tails, crab meat, squid, mussels                                        £2 each

Burger & Grill

Lobster, Crab, Planks and more

On the Side