Smaller plates/ While you choose


Aperol Spritz                                                                                     £8

Peach bellini                                                                                       £9

Amélies gin garden                                                                           £9


House marinated olives                                                                   £4½

Bruschetta;    Tomato salsa, basil                                                   £5½

Broadbean, mint, feta                                               £5

Goats cheese & spicy red onion marmalade         £5½

Tapenade, sundried tomatoes, pesto                    £4 ½

Red pesto and prosciutto                                        £5 ½


Rosemary and garlic flatbread, olive oil,, salt                                £5

Mini plank  Wood-fired artisan bread, herbs, oil                       £7 ½

Wood-fired Ham hock and mustard terrine, piccalilli              £6

Westcountry scallops, streaky bacon, peas                           £13

Cornish sardines, herbs, toast                                                 £7/£13

Cornish crab toasted focaccia, crème fraiche                            £12 ½

Wood-fired rosemary camembert, toasted bread             £8


Fish & shellfish tapas


Oysters au natural/shallot vinegar                                            £3/£7 ½/£15

Garlic and chilli prawns                                                                      £6/£11

Moules mariniére, mussels, white wine, shallots                    £11½/£15½

Salt and pepper squid, lemon aioli                                                     £7½/£13

Westcountry Scallop in the half shell                                       £3¼ (each)

Crab claw, spice                                                                           £3¼ (each)

Devilled whitebait                                                                     £6½/£11

Amélies plank: chilli and garlic prawns,

salt and pepper squid, crab claws, mussels and clams,

langoustines, bread, dips                                                                 £38

Add ½ a lobster                                                                                £22

Porthleven fish dish; straight off the boat,

please ask for today’s catch                                                 £15 ½

Wood fired shellfish to share – mussels, tiger prawns,

crab claws, langoustines, garlic, lemon,

white fish, artisan bread                                                                    £39

Crab and chilli linguine                                                              £8/£15/£20

Lobster roll

Lobster, mayo, chives, glazed brioche roll                                    £15

Margherita pizza                                                                          £8 ½

Toppings:, capers, cheese, mushroom, pineapple,

Red onion rocket, olives, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños,

Fresh chilli, shredded ham, chorizo,                                              £1 each

crab meat, anchovies squid, mussels                                             £2 each




Amélies steak burger, streaky bacon, cheddar cheese,

tomato, lettuce, burger sauce,

caramelised onion, fries                                                        £13

Amélies surfy turfy spice plank

Chilli rockjam chicken wings, piri piri prawns, chorizo                     £12


Selection of charcurterie, roasted vegetables,

Marinated olives, black olive and pepper stick                              £14 ½

Cornish 7oz rump steak, chimi churri, fries

Flat mushroom tomato                                                                      £14

Add the surf – 3 tiger prawns for £6


Vegetables and on the side


Broadbean, pea and parmesan linguini                                          £11

Amélies house salad                                                                        £6

Caprese salad                                                                                  £7

Courgette, basil, Parmesan                                                            £5 ½

Skinny fries                                                                                        £3

Leeks, peas, broadbeans, garlic, chilli                                            £3 ½

Sea salt crackling                                                                               £3




Apple tart, apple sorbet                                                     £5 ½

Warm chocolate melt                                                £6

Affogato, vanilla ice cream, biscotti crumbs             £5

Add a shot of Ameretto                                                                   £3

Chocolate sharing plank                                                       £14

A selection of chocolate treats to share

Westcountry cheeses, apple, celery, chutney                                   £9

Add a glass of port:

Fonseca Bin 27 50ml                                                                       £4

Warres Otima 10 year old Tawny port 50ml                                 £4½