Fresh, local, delicious


Lunch/ Light Plates


Cornish crab cakes, sweet chilli sauce                                               £9 ½

Tiger prawns, sweet paprika                                                                £9

Carrot, sweet potato and feta fritters, mint yoghurt                           £6 ½

Wood-fired Cornish sardines, herbs, toast                                        £7

Grilled lemon chicken flatbread, spicy sauce                                    £6 ¾

Charcuterie, olives, marinated peppers, garlic twists, hummus     £8

Seafood Tapas


Oysters au natural/shallot vinegar                                                  £3/£7 ½/£15

Tiger prawns, pan-fried, chilli                                                          £6/£11

Moules mariniére, mussels, white wine, shallots                            £11 ½/£15 ½

Salt and pepper squid, lemon aioli                                                  £7 ½/£13

Westcountry Scallop in the half shell                                               £3 ¼

Crab claw, garlic, spice                                                                    £3 ½

Breaded whitebait                                                                            £6 ½/£11

Half pint/Pint shell on prawns, aioli                                                  £6/£8 ½


Wood-fired oven


Cornish sardines, parsley, garlic                                                        £7/£12

Margherita pizza                                                                                £8 ½

Toppings: anchovies, capers, cheese, mushroom, pineapple,

Red onion rocket, olives, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños,

Fresh chilli, shredded ham, chorizo, salami                                      £1 each

Crayfish tails, crab meat, squid, mussels                                          £2 each


Burger & Grill


Amélies steak burger, tomato, lettuce, relish,

caramelised onion, fries                                                                   £10

Burger toppings: egg, bacon, blue cheese, mozzarella,

Onion ring, cheddar                                                                          £1 ½

Crab burger, tomato, lettuce, lemon mayo, fries                             £13 ½

Portabello mushroom & blue cheese burger

caramelised onion, fries                                                                     £10


Lobster, crab, planks and more